We’re back! At East Shallowford

We’re back! At East Shallowford

We’re back! At East Shallowford 1052 776 Sandra Munoz

We’re back at last! At East Shallowford Farm.

The first group since Lockdown has been and gone – a girl’s group. Six girls, 13-18, lots of discussion, one epic night walk, great food, quad biking, farming experiences, and just being together as young people.

The next group is in May. A working weekend to help the farm put the finishing touches to the amazing new barn accommodation.

Not forgetting girls 12-14 or junior kids who both go to farm during Spring half term holidays.

In mid-June, there will be women’s weekend, plus more groups in the pipe line this summer. For more details contact info@providence-house.org.

East Shallowford Farm (& The Shallowford Trust) has a close link with Providence House, both being founded by Elizabeth Braund, the centenary of whose birth falls this June. Watch this space for book information.

There are many reasons that we organise residentials to East Shallowford, and have been doing so for over 40 years, but here are two of them:

· To grow a sense of adventure, taking young people out of their comfort zone, introducing them to new things, testing them imaginatively and physically.

· To expose young people to the rural, agricultural and national park experience that they are disconnected from in their urban home setting and ordinary social prevention from accessing. This is a key component of this programme – hence ‘Out of Town’. To find out more about Shallowford visit: https://shallowfordfarm.co.uk/ or contact us through info@providence-house.org.