So excited !

So excited !

So excited ! 1600 1200 Sandra Munoz

Summer Holiday Report – Juniors 2020

“They haven’t seen each other for four months! They are so excited!”

Just one of the many good things that came through being able to start small groups at Providence House during the summer. Many of the children had not had the opportunity of going back to school and had been totally isolated from their friends.

We invited up to 15 children on two afternoons a week for three weeks to engage in a varied programme of activities inside and outside the building. In the park we did football skills, and enjoyed using games equipment for things like skipping and throwing and catching. During the very hot period it was too hot to contemplate going outside – except for a water fight in the car park – but we kept cool inside making fruit skewers, engaging with Priscilla in an art project as well as other activities.

We also had a weekly dance lesson from the E33 Dance Company, including Capoeira and Hip Hop to keep us fit! A trip to Go Ape was a highlight for the group too.

It was a good and necessarily cautious start back to having our building open, and thoroughly appreciated by children and parents.