Providence Busy Easter 2021

Providence Busy Easter 2021

Providence Busy Easter 2021 1636 874 Sandra Munoz

Providence House took the first opportunity out of Lockdown to run a programme of activities, during the school Easter Holidays. 

Led by our experienced staff, and supported with funding from Wandsworth Council’s HAF fund, and with lunches provided by Waste not Want not Battersea, we provided a taste of something across the ages. 

The juniors danced and cooked and made stuff. The young teens dragged their parents along for an evening of food and fun. The football team played twice on Saturday to take on all comers, and the older teens brought their bibles on Good Friday and reflected and discussed. 

To end it all the senior girls went away to East Shallowford for four nights. 

Happy Days. 

Sit back and watch two minutes of all action.