Looking Backwards Looking Forwards.

Looking Backwards Looking Forwards.

Looking Backwards Looking Forwards. 1414 2000 Sandra Munoz

Looking Backwards Looking Forwards at Providence House on Saturday 11th December is a chance to make connections with Providence people over several decades. 

There will be photos galore of past and present, opportunities to tell your own story in front of camera or microphone. 

There will be performances from the rising stars of Providence current membership and performances from local performers whose roots were in this youth club. 

Robert Musgrave MBE will give two talks to reflect on the last 48 years. 

For more information email info@providence-house.org

If you cannot come and would like to make a donation to Providence House, or make a donation anyway, please select the DONATE button on this webpage. 

As we anticipate a good number of people attending, we suggest you aim either for the first part between 12.30 & 3pm, or the second part between 3.30 and 6pm. 

Either way we look forward to seeing you.