Feel the earth under your feet

Feel the earth under your feet

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Juniors visit farm again!

In the Summer half term nine juniors went to the Farm for four days. There was great anticipation as those who had visited before were really excited about going back, and those who were first time visitors just couldn’t wait! And none was disappointed – the time flew by with everyone wishing it was longer, and looking forward to the next trip.

We were able to stay in the new barn conversion – and what a treat that was! Everything pristine new and so tastefully done! Each room had their own ensuite bathroom, with new snug bunkbeds. Playing games in the former cobbled stable with its red carpet was great fun! Each morning began with looking after the pigs and their piglets, the chickens, ducks and geese before we had our own breakfast. On the first full day we visited the beach at Bigbury-on-Sea, where the sand beckoned all into the sea, and later revealed rocks where fish and crabs were found. Other highlights included walking on the moor above the farm with its tor and former burial grounds, herding the ducks, and weighing the pigs. And then there was the job of helping Will move the cows from one field to another. The problem was the cows didn’t seem too interested in a group of children telling them what to do, so a small group of three set off with Will to come up behind them, while the rest waited at the gate to let them through. But a loud cry when a stinging nettle stung a leg set the cows off in totally the wrong direction, and that day there was no getting them back. All part of a day’s work for Will; sometimes with animals they have their own ideas and this proved the case that day!

Night walks were as usual very popular, and we went onto the moor and played a bit of hide and seek, and then into the forest another night and jumped out on each other from behind the trees.

The last morning saw us visit the local village at Widecombe to purchase souvenirs and ice creams, and then to run up to the rocks at Hound Tor where under the eagle eyes of Elias and Jamie, our two young volunteers helpers, all climbed to the top and got safely down!

The fresh air was invigorating but didn’t make anyone sleepy at night, and woke all up early each morning! Not a moment to lose before heading back to the city!