Our Community

50 years of community in Battersea

Our Mission

For the last 50 years, Providence House Youth Club has been passionate about improving the lives and outcomes for young people who predominantly come from the Winstanley Estate in North Battersea*.

Providence House is a place where we have created a strong sense of belonging and heritage and maintain our principle to be open to all.

Our Work

Providence in the Community

The First Sunday of every month @ 3 pm Providence
A Christian community gathering to celebrate and explore Faith and Hope for those with faith, with little faith or no faith.
It is a meeting for everyone whoever you are, always welcoming, always makes you think, always for all ages, and always great refreshments.

  • In April we told the story of the last 8 days in Jesus life in 30 minutes.
  • In May we will explore skills, talents and faith.
  • In June we will partner with other Christian community groups.
  • In July Sunday First will be a kids club.

Every Sunday First is for you.

Waste not Want not Battersea partners Providence House in a surplus food sharing project, dedicated to ensuring that edible and nutritious food does not become waste. Support numerouse fundraising events, Street Kitchen pilot , City to Farm Cycle ride in August 2019.
Come to our community café every Thursday 12-2 pm at Providence House and discover a fresh recipe each week, and benefit from our weekly food sharing.

Led by Hadas Hagos this is a lively and innovative project making networks in all directions.
For more information contact :hadas.providencehouse@gmail.com or Text +44 (0)7477660692

We’ve been going to the farm for over 45 years, and we take about 15 groups by minibus every year to stay on the farm and take part in its everyday life.
This summer we are going to cycle there! (Watch this space!).

It all started with Elizabeth Braund and Rosemary Bird, founders of Providence House. They wanted a farm to give a ‘lung for the city’ to local children and young people growing up on our housing
estates. They first went to East Shallowford in 1976. We’ve been going there ever since.

We meet at Providence every Sunday at 3 pm, except for the first Sunday of the month. A cuppa and a chat are the best ways to start any small gathering, so that’s what we do.
A song or two led by the guitar is a good way of getting together.
But what is really important for this group is to open the Bible and discover that it makes sense for today, for my life, for every situation, to realise that the Bible has a Word for today.
Meet some friendly people, who are learning through faith, through questions and through faith.

For more information call 07894 7141153 or email info@providence-house.org.

Get in touch.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.