Centenary of Elizabeth Braund MBE

Centenary of Elizabeth Braund MBE

Centenary of Elizabeth Braund MBE 878 592 Sandra Munoz

Elizabeth Braund MBE:

– Writer & Broadcaster – Founding Editor of Evangelical Magazine –
– Founder of Providence House Trust – Founder of The Shallowford Trust –
– Co-Founder of ‘A Lung for the City Project’ East Shallowford Farm –
– Mentor – Christian Leader – Pioneer –
– MBE for services to youth in Devon.
Elizabeth Margaret Braund, born 17 June 1921, died 20 May 2013, 91 years old.

Special Centenary Book Offer

For £20:
‘The Young Woman who lived in a shoe’ by Elizabeth Braund, the story of the first years of Providence House and the events that led up to it.
‘Seeds of Youth’ by Sue Adams, Elizabeth’s early life, childhood and youth, family background, with many illustrations.

To purchase individually, Young Woman retails at £8.99, and Seeds of Youth at £15.

To purchase:https://providence-house.org/shop/ and apply coupon Braund100
– Email info@providence-house.org

All proceeds from these sales will go to the Shallowford Trust.

The Young Woman who lived in a shoe by Elizabeth Braund MBE

This book tells the story of the beginning of Providence House in the old terraced streets behind Clapham Junction before the present housing estates were developed. It also traces Elizabeth Braund’s journey to faith. This is a must read for anyone wishing to get behind the story of Providence House today, and the inspiration for the work at East Shallowford Farm.

The Seeds of Youth by Sue Adams

The early life of Elizabeth Braund MBE. This book, full of illustrations and extracts from original letters and manuscripts, tells the story of the family background and early years of Elizabeth Braund.

For easy listening and view about Elizabeth Braund and her work,
Visit www.providence-house.org and check our Centenary of Elizabeth Braund MBE playlist on our YouTube Channel