East Shallowford Farm

Time to Connect

Time to Connect 640 480 Sandra Munoz

Robsky’s Occasional Log. Kyle and the Bull I have tasked myself with creating a Providence archive, in readiness both for a book to write, and to produce an accessible record…

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News from East Shallowford

News from East Shallowford 2560 1707 Sandra Munoz

November merged into December without us really noticing. Long dark nights. Gusts of wind testing the few remaining leaves that tenaciously clung to oak trees, holding on as if by…

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Going West

Going West 1200 1600 Sandra Munoz

6 girls, 3 boys, between ages 9 to 13, plus a second group of 1 boy and 5 girls with their mums, in total 15 young people from Providence House…

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City to Farm Cycle Film

City to Farm Cycle Film 960 516 Sandra Munoz

I’d like to ride my bicycle You may have read the report, now watch the film! https://youtu.be/2QQMvs-XMm8 Update 31/09/19: We have added the City to Farm Report Click on the…

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Women’s Group to the Farm May 2019

Women’s Group to the Farm May 2019 2560 1920 Sandra Munoz

Friday afternoon nine of us left Battersea to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend on the Farm. Everyone was very excited about renewing acquaintances, and making new ones on the farm…

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