About Us

A Youth and Community Christian Mission.

Our Background

For the last 50 years Providence House Youth Club has been passionate about improving the lives and outcomes for young people who predominantly come from the Winstanley Estate in North Battersea*.

The Youth Club is situated in Falcon Road on the edge of the Winstanley Estate. We aim to provide social, recreational, sporting and educational activities in a weekly programme and during school holidays for young people aged 5-25 years.

At Providence one of our key goals is to provide a sense of community and identity for each of the young people; offering an alternative to anti-social behaviour and social isolation. We encourage everyone to have fun, make new friends and be involved in the range of activities.

Become a friend

We rely on the generosity and support of our friends and you can help either by supporting us financially with a donation, or by offering to help us as a volunteer.

East Shallowford

For over 40 years, Providence House has been taking young people to an amazing place in Devon.

200 miles from London, surrounded by hills and rivers and countryside, East Shallowford provides the ultimate new experience for inner city kids.

At East Shallowford we live in bunk bed accommodation in an old farmhouse, with good home cooking. It is a great place to get away with friends.

East Shallowford is a working moorland farm, just 2 miles from Widecombe-in-the-Moor.

The farm covers over 80 acres of land including a river and woodland. For many years the farm has been hosts to hundreds of groups of inner-city young people and families, many coming from needy urban housing projects.

The Shallowford Trust is a registered charity (charity number: 1105186).

Website: https://shallowfordfarm.co.uk/

Our Ethos

Providence House Values

At Providence House we are intentional about finding out together what makes us all unique and diverse, where we are on our life’s journey, and our place in this world. We do this through building up personal relationships with people, with children and young people, and by the programmes we run.

At Providence House we are building on over fifty years in Battersea, and the history we share with the community and its families. Providence House is a place where we have created a strong sense of belonging and heritage and maintain our principle to be open to all.

At Providence House the Christian faith is our foundation. We aim to enable all who come in to find the truth in Christ through a personal relationship with Him.

At Providence House we are committed to providing an amazing variety of opportunities for new experiences in Battersea, London and much farther afield, and especially through our partnership with East Shallowford Farm.

At Providence House we aim to nurture and develop new skills and talents in the areas of creativity, art, music, practical skills, and supporting young people and adults to find their way into the work place.

At Providence House we believe in fun! We believe that finding joy and happiness are part of being fulfilled in life.

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